Tips for New Hearing Aid Wearers

When you decide to use amplification to help you with your hearing problems, please remember these tips:

Adjustment Takes Time

You have probably experienced the effects of hearing loss and its impact on communication and hearing accurately in noise for years prior to taking action. Now it will take some time to adjust and accommodate to the new sounds that you will be hearing. You must retrain your brain to "hear" differently over time with practice and patience.

Technology Doesn't Undo Hearing Loss

Remember, wearing a hearing aid will provide assistance and enhancement of your hearing abilities, but you still have damage to your hearing system! Depending upon the extent of the damage to you hearing, the resultant improvement you will experience will be limited by this damage even with the best hearing aid technology.

What to Expect From Your New Hearing Aids

After many years of NOT adequately hearing sounds of the world around you, relearning to hear with the use of amplification may be overwhelming at first. You need to re-educate your brain to accept new sound patterns and loudness levels of the world around you.

Remember, hearing sounds louder (amplified) does not necessarily mean that your brain will instantly recognize words and be able to identify sounds. This is a learned process that takes time. You are going to hear sounds that you were unaware of previously. Some may be louder than you remember!

Hearing aids are designed to correct for your hearing loss, reduce the effort to hear, and improve the listening comfort in most situations. In some extreme situations such as in large groups or noisy rooms, hearing aids may offer minimal benefits. Hearing aids will not restore your hearing to normal and correct your hearing ability in all listening situations. No hearing aid will replace the loss of hearing nerves. Hearing aids enhance the performance of the remaining nerves.

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