The Tone Test

This quick test can help assess your hearing at different tonal levels. Use headphones and adjust your volume so that you can just barely hear the following tone (press the triangular 'play' button to play). When you are ready, answer the following questions to take the quiz.

1st tone out of 5: Press the 'play' button to listen to the following tone. Can you hear it with minimal issue?


Frequently Asked Questions

We've taken the time to answer a few of the more common inquiries we receive; of couse, don't hesistate to contact us if there's more that you'd like to know.

Q. What can cause hearing loss?

A. Hearing loss begins gradually as we age, which results in a slow but steady decrease in hearing ability the older we become. Of course, exposure to loud sounds, some illnesses and heredity can play a role in decreasing the performance of your hearing.

Q. Will hearing aids will make me look old?

A. Many of the new styles of these micro-miniaturized devices will totally disappear in your ear canal or behind your ear, leaving them practically unnoticeable. The benefit of these tiny devices is that they enhance your hearing and your world will become alive again as it did many years ago.

Q. Will I need hearing aids in both ears?

A. The human hearing functions best when the brain receives stereo signals from both ears to provide critical information as to where the sound is coming from and where the interfering noise is located to focus on the conversation you need/want to hear. Only one ear sending signals to the brain limits its directional finding capability and furthermore the brain's ability to block out competing noise and distraction.

Quick Hearing Quiz

This simple quiz can help get you started on your path to understanding your hearing health.

1. Do you have trouble hearing with a lot of background noise?


Hearing Myths

Hearing loss is generally misunderstood by the public. Take, for instance, the common hearing myths below. Click a myth to reveal the truth regarding each topic.

Wearing a hearing aid is a sign of old age.
People are wearing hearing aids at a younger age than ever before to solve some of their hearing problems as technology increases in sophistication and becomes micro-miniaturized for comfort and ease of use.

Hearing aids are too expensive.
Hearing aids are available over a wide range of prices. Your audiologist is knowledgeable about the features necessary to optimize your hearing while staying within budget.
Bargain hearing aids work just fine.
You think the bargain devices will work as well as the professionally-fit hearing aids in audiologist’s offices? Bargains on anything should be viewed with suspicion especially when purchasing a medical product.
If I had a hearing loss, my doctor would have told me.
Only 14% of physicians routinely screen for hearing loss during a physical. Without special training and understanding the nature of hearing loss, your doctor may not even detect the problem.
My hearing problem is not bad enough for a hearing aid.
Losing some of your hearing or eyesight should be evaluated and corrected to restore your sensory abilities for a full lifestyle just as you evaluate and correct your eyesight.

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