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There are many choices available to improve your hearing and communications problems. Marketplace innovation has resulted in micro-miniaturization of the devices that disappear either in the ear or behind the ear.

Signia Silk Hearing Aid

Many hearing instruments contain wireless technology meaning that they can communicate with each other device (Right-Left) or between the hearing devices, remote controls, external microphones and cell phones or televisions and/or things to come? This feature makes hearing instruments more than just a hearing amplifier by allowing the user to monitor devices around them in the environment to hear better when listening in almost any situation even if noise became a real deterrent.

Brands and Manufacturers
of Hearing Aid Technology

We carry all the major international manufacturers that invest heavily in research with new products and innovations that improve hearing ability for our patients and stand behind their product's performance and even go the extra mile when necessary. We carefully select those devices that meet our practice's standards of performance, feature list, and long term adjustability for the benefit of the patient's long term use.

Manufacturers include the following and beyond:

Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance

Modern-day devices are well-engineered and need very little follow up care and maintenance. Most upper level technology incorporates removable fitting tips and replacement wax filters to quickly and easily maintain the devices at minimal cost and without making an office visit when cleaning is necessary.

We provide all of our patients with quality batteries with their new hearing aid to avoid problems that can happen when using discount or bargain hearing aid batteries. Typically, batteries last for approximately one week if they are opened up at night when not in use. The degree of hearing loss and hours of use will limit the number of days the device works with a new battery.

Secure 4-Year Warranty

However, for peace of mind we are proud to offer the longest hearing aid warranty available! The Secure 4-Year Warranty is available on all our EarQ hearing aids.

We strive to always stay on top of the latest technology; to that end, we are pleased to carry both the Oticon Opn™ and the ReSound LiNX2 in our offices. Learn more about these amazing new devices via the videos below:

Oticon Opn™

ReSound LiNX2

We also offer the complete line of wireless accessories to complement the above technology.

Oticon and ReSound hearing aids

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